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People all over the world are preparing for the biggest event in the sporting calendar. Young and old are getting ready to shout and scream at their TVs whilst supporting their country in the world cup. Over the years the world cup has become so much more than a football match, it has become a way for people of all ages and cultures to get together and celebrate. There are many ways you can celebrate this great competition and not just by watching it. Playing your own table football world cup can be a fun way to enjoy the football madness at home or at your local pub.


Table football dates back to the late 19th century and it is now not only played in homes for fun but also at competition level. Many pubs will have one in their games rooms, for people to enjoy a friendly game. This game is fun for everyone although it can get quite competitive, and using it whilst the world cup is in full swing is a fantastic way to get the whole family up and enjoying themselves. By selecting a team each that is competing in this year's event, you can compete against each other and see which country can win in your home.

People love an excuse for a party and the world cup is a great time to host one, and get all of your friends and family involved. Although many of the games will be watched in pubs, with the expensive costs these days more and more people are staying at home and trying to find ways to entertain themselves. The mood will be set for many fun nights in watching the games and having fun. Parties are an excellent way to have fun, but also football brings out the competitive streak in people. Hosting table football competitions are great, you not only are having fun but also get to compete and maybe win. You can go along with the whole theme and atmosphere of the world cup, by selecting teams as they play each other. You can either knock the teams out that are beaten in the actual game or you can start your own table and see who will win in your tournament. The possibilities are endless and as it's your party it doesn't really matter.

The world cup is a great time for businesses to try and make more money, and if the pubs and clubs are trying to think of a unique way to ensure that customers keep coming back for all of the game. Then holding a table football tournament might be the way, if you can get the customers involved and interested in other events then they will come back. Meaning that there is more revenue, hopefully the world cup will be a great time for everyone; even if your country isn't in the competition then you can cheer on another. Get into the party atmosphere and have some great times over the world cup, before you know it, it will all be over and you will have to think of another event to give you reason to party.

Somehow in society, being a man and masturbation are intertwined. Does anyone really know why men masturbate, though? Is it biological, social, personal, or a little bit of everything? Spoiler Alert: it's a little bit of everything! Here are seven of the most commonly cited reasons to masturbate and a little backup research on why.

Reason #1: High Sex Drive

Men with a high libido tend to masturbate more frequently. Ironically, frequent masturbation keeps that sexual pilot light burning, so the desire to masturbate increases. There's no measure for too much masturbation, so long as it's not disrupting life or desensitizing the penis. Men have different libidos and refractory periods so what's a lot or a little to one man will vary wildly from the next.

Reason #2: Stress Relief

Masturbation releases two very important hormones: dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine is a chemical in our brains that is linked to reward and pleasure. Oxytocin is called the "love hormone" because it encourages feelings of bonding, empathy, and generosity. Together, they help the body relax and reduce stress. This is an often-heard reason to masturbate.

Reason #3: It Feels Different from Sex

There's a lot of reasons masturbation feels different from sex. Obviously, there's the difference between a hand and a partner's body. But masturbation also comes with the benefit of being able to change speed, grip, or location based on how things are feeling. Solo-love can also be a long or short episode depending on whether a man wants something more of the fast and hard variety or the slow and teasing flavor.

Reason #4: To Enhance Partnered Sex

One of the number one reasons given for masturbation is to educate oneself on their own personal pleasure so when in a relationship, or just a sexual situation with another person, they will not only know and show the other person what is pleasurable to them, but also build sexual confidence. Having the confidence to say, "This feels good," and knowing how to instruct someone is one of the biggest reasons to masturbate.

Reason #5: Unmet Sexual Needs

Whether a man is single or coupled, sexual needs can go unmet. If single, it's a case of "love the one you're with." If in a relationship, it's not at all unusual for two partners to have completely different sex drives and needs. Sometimes masturbation is a way to bridge the difference. Masturbation is also a way for a part of a couple to fantasize and give himself sexual release thinking about something his partner might not be into. This offers a nice substitute for this reason as well.

Reason #6: To Fall Asleep

As discussed in Reason #2, masturbation promotes the release of dopamine and oxytocin. In addition to all the warm fuzzies the two chemicals provide, they also create a perfect bodily environment for sleep. Dopamine specifically tells the body to relax into sleep. Many men say they have to masturbate or have sex at night as a way to fall into restful sleep.

Reason #7: Top World News Today They Saw Something that Excited Their Imagination

There are countless anecdotal stories from men about seeing another person on the subway, the gym, or even just as they were jogging by in the park that, for some reason, turned them on. Masturbation in this sense is a kind of fantasy fulfillment. A man can satisfy his sexual urge, in the exact way he desires it in his mind, by masturbating to whatever scenario his mind created around the person or people he saw. There's no judgment, no infidelity, and it's entirely private.

Regardless of which of the reasons to masturbate a man cites as his reasons, keeping the penis in utmost health is critical in self-gratification. Be sure to wash the penis with a gentle cleanser daily, as well as after masturbating, to keep it clean and keep bacteria and infections at bay. Then use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the penis well hydrated. Be sure to choose a cream that has a natural emollient like Shea butter or vitamin E to provide ultimate softness without chemicals or additives. Also, search out creams with additional amino acids and vitamins which keep the penis strong, sensitive, and protected for years of fun to come.